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The new version of the prepaid water meter makes it clear

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The new version of the prepaid water meter makes it clear

Differences between the new and old prepaid water meters:

1. The control shell has changed, especially the card swiping area. The new card swiping mode is shown as follows:


2. The prepaid module is changed, the card reader is changed and the battery is upgraded from 14505 to 18505.

3. Before the appearance of the new pre-paid water meter, the default alarm water volume is set to 2m³. When the remaining water reaches 2m³, the valve will close, and the valve will reopen when the card is swiped again (to remind the user to recharge). The alarm value can be modified through the parameter setting card.

4. Step water price: The step water price of the old prepaid water meter is realized by the hardware of the water meter. The meter shows the remaining amount, and the fee will be deducted according to the step interval. The new pre-paid meter is implemented through a software segment, which shows the amount of water remaining and confirms the price when we recharge.

5. The old and new models of prepaid water meters use the same software, single software version is different, the new model should use prepaid software with PH suffix.

New pre-paid water meter software instructions: water price Settings:

1. There are four ways of water price: single water price, monthly ladder water price, quarterly ladder water price and annual ladder water price.2. Attach instructions on water prices.

The additional water price can be set according to demand. The value set is the additional cost per m³ water price, which can be used as tax, sewage treatment fee and other costs.

3. Single water price. If this mode is selected, the first-order price will be implemented, while the second-order and third-order prices are invalid. (No matter how much amount is set in the second and third stages, it will be synchronized with the price of the first stage.)

4. Step water price setting (monthly as an example)

Quarterly and annual stepped-up water prices shall be set in the same way as monthly stepped-up water prices.

5. Step water price description

Example: According to the setting of stepped water price, recharge 200 yuan for 25.8m³ of water, among which the amount of first-order water 10m³ is 50 yuan, the amount of second-order water 10m³ is 80 yuan, and the remaining amount of 70 yuan is equal to 5.83m³ divided by the third-order water price 12 yuan, with one decimal point reserved and rounded to 5.8m³.

As for the monthly, quarterly and annual stepped-water price, because it is the stepped-water price at the software end, the remaining water consumption in the water meter will still be the second-order or third-order water price of the previous billing period after the end of this stepped-water charging period. The longer the billing cycle is, the problem will be relatively weakened. If the customer involves the tiered water price, we try to recommend the annual tiered water price.

6. Describes the functions of the management card

The new pre-paid software involves four types of cards

6.1. Restore the factory card

After using the factory restore card, the water meter is restored to the factory state, the remaining water consumption is cleaned, the valve is closed, and the new user card can be bound again. (Applicable scenarios are as follows: 1. When the water meter comes out, it will contain 10m³ water. When it is not needed, it can be emptied by restoring the factory. An already opened meter requires a new user to use it, etc.)

6.2. Multiple CARDS

Multiple cards can be used to recharge the water meter that has not been opened. When creating a multiple card, you need to input the water amount of each recharge. (Applicable scenarios such as: when the water meter has been installed but has not been officially charged for use, it can be topped up for several times to ensure the user's water use)

6.3. Parameter Setting card

Parameter setting card can set the maximum amount of water hoarding and alarm water meter, create the parameter setting card needs to access the maximum amount of storage and alarm.

6.4. Transfer the card

Use the transfer card to transfer the remaining water and user information from meter A to meter B, and at the same time empty the remaining water and user information from meter A. (Applicable scenarios are as follows: 1. When opening an account, user A brushes the card on user B's water meter, and the account information and water amount can be transferred to user B's water meter by transferring the card. 2. When the user's water meter needs to be replaced for some reason, the data can be transferred to the new meter through the transfer card.)

The rest of its functions remain the same as before.


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