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Ultrasonic flange end water meters

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In the era of intelligence, how to improve the modern management level of water meters? Due to the long installation distance and dispersion of large-caliber water meters, when only manual meter reading is required, such management costs are high.

The following is flanged end water meter. Its range ratio can reach R160/R250/R400. Suitable for irrigation systems, water supply systems and industrial fields.

Through the 2G network, ultrasonic large-diameter water meters + DTU equipment + pressure sensors, admin can analyze and count the water consumption of users, master the laws of water consumption, and deal with abnormal water consumption in time. For the real-time monitoring of large-diameter water meters, only a small amount of flow is required every month, and the water management department regularly reads the meter. Keep abreast of dynamic data, reduce meter reading costs and improve efficiency. so as to further understand the operation of the entire pipe network. The purpose of monitoring leaks from a certain angle.

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