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Ultrasonic water meter features application principle and application field

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Ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter which can be used to analyze and deal with the time difference caused by the change of velocity when ultrasonic beam propagates downstream and counter-current in water, so as to further calculate the discharge of water.


ow initial flow rate, wide range ratio, high measuring accuracy and stable operation.No internal moving parts open flow components, not affected by impurities in water, long service life. The output communication function is complete, meeting all kinds of communication and wireless networking requirements.With excellent small-flow detection ability, it can solve the problems of many traditional water meters. It is more suitable for gradient charging of water charges, more suitable for saving and rational utilization of water resources, and has broad market and use prospects.

measurement principle:

The principle of ultrasonic flow measurement is to use ultrasonic transducer to produce ultrasonic wave and make it propagate in water; When ultrasonic wave propagates in flowing water, it produces "propagation velocity difference", which is directly proportional to the flow velocity of water. Ultrasonic water meter uses this principle and is also called velocity difference ultrasonic water meter.

Application area:

1, industrial process measurement and control.

2, replace the mechanical flowmeter to improve the reliability of measurement.

3, Replace all kinds of high-performance flowmeters.


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