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Water meter installation precautions

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Water meter installation precautions

1. Before installing the water meter, remove the stones, sand and other debris in the pipeline to prevent the water meter from being damaged or malfunctioning. If there are many impurities in the pipeline or the water quality is poor, the filter can be installed on the pipeline. The filter should be inspected and cleaned frequently to remove accumulated debris in time.

2. The installation location of the water meter should be convenient for disassembly and reading and reading, and should be protected from exposure and freezing. A valve should be installed before the installation of the water meter to repair the water and disassemble the water meter.

3. During the transportation or installation process, the water meter shall be prohibited from throwing, bumping, falling or smashing to avoid damage to the water meter.

4. According to the installation requirements, H on the dial or nameplate is installed horizontally, and V stands for vertical installation. The dial should not be facing down or tilted, and the direction of the arrow on the case should match the direction of the water flow. The water meter should be installed coaxially with the upper and lower straight pipe sections. At the same time, the straight pipe section should ensure the diameter of the water meter 10 times before the table and 5 times the water meter diameter after the table to avoid the metering error.

5. Water meter installation must take into account that the water pressure and water temperature used in the field are within the maximum use pressure and maximum operating temperature of the water meter.

6. In the long-term use of the water meter, there will be rust and scale in the watch. Impurities such as impurities and rust in the pipe will block the water meter filter net or enter the water meter to affect the metering.


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