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What are the advantages of ultrasonic water meters?

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The working principle of the ultrasonic water meter adopts the principle of ultrasonic time difference to calculate the flowmeter in the pipeline. More accurate than other smart water meters. It is also used many times in industry, chemical industry and farmland irrigation. It can be seen that the advantages of ultrasonic water meters are very prominent.

The advantages of ultrasonic water meters are as follows:

1. The accuracy is quite high: I just mentioned that the accuracy of the ultrasonic water meter is higher than that of other smart water meters, some small flow or liquid measurements, other smart water meters cannot perform more accurate measurements, but it is also the structural advantage of the ultrasonic water meter itself, there are no internal mechanical wear parts and Excellent small flow measurement with excellent results in many chemical fields.

2. High sensitivity and easy maintenance: Ultrasonic water meters can not only detect small flow measurement, but also have almost no requirements on the measured medium. The range ratio is extremely wide, the structure is simple, and it is convenient for later maintenance. It is very suitable for civil and industrial measurement.

3. Strong adaptability to water quality: The ultrasonic water meter is not disturbed by impurities such as gravel, weeds, chemical substances and magnetic substances in the medium. It can be said that it is fully adapted to the current water quality in my country.

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