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What are the benefits of switching to smart water meters for rural water?

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Traditionally, mechanical meters are used. It is necessary to manually read the meters in each household every month, and then manually calculate the costs. Not only the calculation amount is large, but also errors are often made, resulting in many disputes. The new IC card smart water meter needs to pay money before using water, that is to say, recharge the meter before using water. If there is no balance in the card, the water will stop. This modern and advanced IC card smart water meter eliminates the disadvantages of many ordinary mechanical meters, such as saving labor costs and eliminating the phenomenon of false data in the process of meter reading. Of course, it can better solve the loss situation of the water supply company, You can receive the water bill smoothly.

Features of intelligent water meter:

1.Accurate measurement: the high-strength material movement is adopted, with low starting flow and high measurement accuracy.

2.Prepaid function: pay the fee first, then use the water, automatically close the valve without charge, and automatically open the water after paying the fee and swiping the card again.

3.Water sales record archiving: there are accurate records for each water sales operation, the accounts are clear and cannot be changed at will, and there are a variety of statistical reports for easy query.

4.Display function: High Definition LCD screen, which can visually view the purchase water, remaining water, accumulated water consumption, valve status, battery status and other data.

5.Alarm function: when the remaining water volume reaches or is lower than the set alarm value, the water meter will automatically close the valve once, and the water meter factory will prompt the user to buy water. At this time, the user can open the valve to continue to use water by swiping the card. When the remaining water volume is 0, the valve will be completely closed.

6.Anti rust function: the water meter valve is automatically opened and closed regularly to prevent the valve from rusting.

7.Anti attack function: when the water meter is attacked by strong magnetism or strong electricity, the water meter will automatically close the valve and automatically record the attacked information. The valve can be opened only after the external interference is removed.

8.Low power consumption design: the whole control circuit is designed with low power consumption, the static current is less than 3ua, and the service life of the battery is more than 6 years.

9.Waterproof design: the key parts have been treated with multiple waterproof treatments, and the waterproof performance is good.

10.Ladder water price function: the water meter plant has a single water price program and a ladder water price program to choose from.


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