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What are the uses of the Lora wireless remote water meter?

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As the concept of wireless meter reading gains popularity, people gradually put their vision on the LORA wireless remote water meter. So what are the general uses of the LORA wireless remote water meter?
The traditional water meter and meter reading mode can no longer meet the requirements of modernization. Instead, the LORA wireless remote meter reading platform is used. According to the technical staff of the wireless remote water meter manufacturer, their main functions are:
1. The platform is based on LORA communication technology and adopts a simple star-shaped network structure, with small communication delay, long and reliable transmission distance.
2. The platform is suitable for remote meter reading and control of civil water meters of various building structures such as multi-story and high-rise slabs, towers, villas, apartments, etc.
3. Includes metering, anti-magnetic, power supply voltage detection, measurement value power-down storage function, valve in place development status detection, valve control circuit, automatic dredging valve.
4. The wireless remote water meter platform integrates collection and metering, two-way communication and meter reading valve control. The system includes wireless remote water meter, concentrator, handset (complementary reading), and meter reading system.
5. There is no need for complicated construction and wiring, and the amount of work is small. The concentrator and the water meter form a star-shaped network. The concentrator forms a network with the background server through GRPS/4G, and the network structure is stable and reliable.
6. All water meters and concentrators adopt independent core technologies such as multi-frequency, multi-rate, anti-interference, etc., to avoid problems such as insufficient meter reading and unstable meter reading, so that the system can operate stably for a long time, and the maintenance cost in the later period is greatly reduced. 



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