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Why are more and more water utilities choosing to use smart water meters?

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Why are more and more water utilities choosing to use smart water meters?

In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, the development of smart water meters has attracted more and more attention, and the installation of smart water meters in many regions is in steady progress. Why more and more water companies choose to eliminate the current use of a large number of mechanical water meters and choose the rapid development of smart water meters?

With the introduction of Internet of Things technology, especially the emergence of NB-iot, if you look closely at the water metering industry in recent years, you will find unexpectedly that communication technology is forcing water meters to advance. The construction of smart water network has quietly emerged and gradually evolved into an important support for smart city infrastructure. At the same time, smart city has brought huge investment opportunities to the construction of smart water network. With the implementation of national stepped water price, the smart water meter market will show a trend of rapid growth, and the smart water meter and remote data acquisition system will show great advantages. Although purely mechanical water meter in many second and third tier cities still or its phenotype, and new urban tap water users mostly adopts the mechanical water meter, update existing mechanical water meter intelligent table has the difficulty, but the construction and management of water related such as to get effective implementation of public policy and implementation, including smart meter of water construction promotion will increase further.

Compared with traditional mechanical water meters, intelligent water meters have the following advantages:

• From the perspective of meter reading: intelligent meters solve the problems of difficult meter reading, disturbing people and high labor cost;

• From the perspective of charging: Smart water meters can not only provide users with more convenient and personalized payment methods, but also provide more accurate water consumption information for the water company, so as to facilitate the water company to understand users' water consumption habits, reduce water fee disputes and provide better and better services;

• From the perspective of management: Firstly, it can help the water department to ensure the timely overharvesting of water; Second, it can help water department to find abnormal problems in time; Thirdly, it is convenient for water division to control leakage and strengthen DMA construction. The fourth can help the water department to monitor the quality of marketing work in time;

Industry insiders once said:

"Smart water meters are the big trend. Instrument management has three elements, selection, installation, maintenance! All kinds of meters are beautiful in theory, mainly application links, application depends on the installation and service of the crowd! The pain point is the late maintenance of the smart table, do not completely rely on manufacturers, have to have their own professional maintenance team, who is better than on their own!"

"In the field of measurement, there is no pain point in using traditional water meters or remote water meters. It depends on what kind of metering scenario the water company wants. In a DMA application scenario, a remote water meter is required. If it's just regular meter reading and billing, use a traditional meter."

So why are water companies still opting for smart meters?

First of all, the development of intelligent water meters has solved the problems of difficult meter reading, disturbing people and high labor cost, and there is great development in the prospect of use.

Secondly, intelligent water meter is still only calculation quantity, but with the continuous development of technology, intelligent water meter will also contain chloride, colony content, iron content, the content of calcium ion on-line detection function, to ensure the quality of people's water security, but it's important to note that this feature will depend on the development of sensor technology breakthrough.

In addition, for the whole city construction, the rapid development of smart water meters can also lay the foundation for the development of smart water, making the whole city water system more intelligent. Through the use of high-frequency collection of water meters, it can also help users analyze leakage loss, especially for industrial users and large users, which can also help users save water resources and cost. In terms of reducing leakage loss of pipe network, intelligent water meters have incomparable congenital advantages.


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