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Wireless remote water meter function

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The wireless remote water meter reading system consists of wireless remote water meter, collector, concentrator and integrated meter reading management system software. The following functions are realized:

1.Copy and read function:

Support the meter reading task set by the management center, support the automatic manual data copy information set by the system, and realize the unattended automatic meter reading function. At the same time, the system also supports manual meter reading function, which can copy the meter data at any time.

2.Prepaid features:

When the remaining water in the table is less than the set value of the remaining water, the valve will be automatically closed, prompting the user to buy water. After inserting the function card, the valve will be opened, and the remaining water can continue to be used until it reaches 0, and the valve will be automatically closed.

3.Copy and read complete data:

Customer number, cumulative consumption, remaining consumption, last purchase, stock, purchase times, table status, battery status, valve status, fault information and other information.

4.Anti-flip function:

With the function of self-check when the water meter is inverted, the valve will lock automatically after the detection of the water meter inverted.

5.Anti-damage function:

With the protection of external percussion and electromagnetic damage or external line damage, the water meter automatically locked.

6.Drip - proof function:

It has the function of dropping water and walking table.



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