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Wireless remote water meter

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With the development of the world and technological progress. Many things are updated more frequently. The same goes for water meters.

From no water meter at the beginning to the next mechanical water meter to the current smart water meter. It has not been more than a hundred years since the water meter first appeared. In the past 100 years, three stages have passed.

From nothing to machinery to intelligence. The time taken during this was really short. Smart water meters have a broader future in today's world.

There are many types of smart water meters. In general, if we distinguish according to the transmission mode, it can be roughly divided into: limited remote water meter and wireless remote water meter.

Today we are discussing wireless remote water meter.

The main features of our wireless remote transmission water meter are as follows:

1. Wireless remote transmission LoRa water meter;

2.Wireless remote transmission GPRS water meter;

3. Wireless remote transmission ultrasonic water meter, etc.

All three water meters can achieve the function of reading data remotely. But they are different from each other. This is also one of the differences between smart water meters and mechanical water meters.

Mechanical water meter: As long as the product and size and material are selected, the order can be basically determined.

Intelligent water meter: different solutions will be generated according to different working conditions of customers.

Therefore, when choosing a smart water meter, you need to describe the status of the project to the seller as detailed and clear as possible. The seller can provide you with a suitable plan based on the information you provide. This will make everyone happy.

Of course, you can also choose the water meter according to your working conditions. Our company also has a form to help you choose the water meter product. This is provided for free, so you can choose the product yourself according to the description in it. (Suggestions from sellers.)

The topic returns to the wireless remote water meter.

Wireless remote water meters, as the name suggests, are water meters that can be remotely controlled.

As mentioned above, our company has three wireless remote water meters. Today, we will take the wireless remote transmission LoRa water meter as an example, and briefly introduce it.

Wireless remote transmission LoRa water meter, this water meter is a wireless remote transmission valve-controlled water meter. Data can be read remotely and valves can be controlled remotely.

Its composition has three forms:

 LoRa water meter + data concentrator (built-in SIM card-full Netcom) + signal tower + cloud server

 LoRa water meter + serial server (concentrator shape) + signal tower + cloud server

LoRa water meter + handheld (radio) + signal tower + cloud server

The data transmission between the water meter and the data collector is transmitted via radio.

These three forms have their own advantages, so I won't go into details here. If you are interested in learning, you can visit us.

The advantages of wireless remote LoRa water meters are:

1. Read data in real time

2.Transfer data with low power consumption

3. Low cost

4. Remote valve control, etc.

But no matter what kind of things, there are bound to be deficiencies when there are good things. Wireless remote LoRa water meter also has its shortcomings:

1. It has strict requirements on radio frequency, between 470-510MHz and 866-868MHz

2. It is greatly affected by obstacles

3. The power consumption of the data collector is large

All in all, the trend towards using smart water meters is becoming increasingly apparent. If you are interested in learning more about smart pens and purchasing smart water meters, please visit us at any time.


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