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Woltman Type Flange end Water Meter

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Today we bring you our Woltman type flange end water meter. This meters is widely used in City water supply main pipe line, Industrial area and also Irrigation area. 

Firstly it's size range are from DN50 to DN600. 

Secondly it has Cast Iron body, Ductil Iron body, SS body like SS304 and SS316,

Thirdly it have two type temperature, cold water 0.1-50℃, hot water 0.1-90℃,

Fourthly it could be assembled with Pulse Output,

Fifthly it has 2 type, LXLC type with turbine whell and LXXG with vane whell, see below picture to know theire main difference.

LXXG type could be used when the water has many solid impurity in it, the solid impurity is easy to go through the water meter and could avoid the damage. 

Above is the simple introduction of our Woltman Type water meter, to know more details welcome to contact with us any time. 


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