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Advantages and disadvantages of remote water meter

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Advantages and disadvantages of remote water meter

  Advantages of intelligent remote water meter: it can monitor the operation status of the system water meter in real time, and realize remote meter reading, remote control, remote payment, prepayment, tiered water price and early warning system when it is completed. It has complete functions and is easy to install. It is the best way in the future. The newly released wireless remote water meter transmits data according to the narrowband Internet of Things technology, connects with the network server in a timely manner, does not use intermediate collection equipment, and does not need wiring during installation. Simplifying equipment installation also reduces manpower, and enables real-time monitoring of water meter data information, saying goodbye to the inconvenience of manual meter reading. Remote water meter deals with timely data collection, water meter measurement, water flow supervision and other issues, so it has significant competitive advantages at several levels here. Because the water volume is collected in a timely manner, this method has a strong deterrent effect, so that customers do not dare to work on the water meter, thus greatly reducing the situation of water theft.

 Naturally, the wireless remote water meter is the latest water meter, which must have its shortcomings. The key disadvantages are: the price of remote water meter is more expensive than that of general mechanical equipment water meter; The maintenance cost of wired remote water meter is more expensive than that of ordinary mechanical equipment water meter if it is damaged by the operator; When the battery capacity of the wireless remote water meter runs out, it also requires a certain cost to replace the battery.

 However, in the long run, the intelligent remote water meter not only saves the cost of manual meter reading, but also improves the efficiency of meter reading, and prevents the water company from suffering from such difficulties as water theft, seepage, water payment, etc. The advantages are far more than the disadvantages, and the overall benefit is much higher than the mechanical water meter. And with the continuous increase of China's population, the demand for tap water continues to increase, and water supply units are more eager for scientific, rational, intelligent and standardized tap water management. The generation of intelligent remote water meters and remote meter reading systems is just the result of remote water meters refitting electronic collection and transmission control modules on mechanical equipment water meters. The electronic modules perform data signal acquisition, data processing Store and send the information to the repeater according to the communication or communicate with the server remotely without intermediate collection equipment according to the narrowband Internet of Things.


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