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Application and characteristics of STS prepaid water meter

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STS integrated water meter

 STS (Standard Transport Specification) is a globally recognized open standard for prepaid systems that ensures interoperability between system components from different prepaid system manufacturers. Originated in South Africa, the technical specification was first used in the field of smart electricity meters to solve the problem of defaulting on electricity bills. Later, it was widely applied in the fields of water, electricity, gas and other public utilities in African countries.Here I will introduce the STS integrated water meter from two aspects.

First of all,the application of STS integrated water meter:

 It is suitable for various water companies, water bureau, new residential area, residential area transformation, rural transformation, colleges and universities, staff dormitories and other fields, realizing the automatic metering of household water.


The second,STS integrated card water meter system features:

1.Alarm function

2.Overdraw function

3.Data docking

4.User-friendly setting

5.Rates are set more flexibly

6.Fast query, fast recharge

7.The payment method is diversified and convenient

8.The 20-bit Token provides higher security

9.Split-type built-in LORA module, can configure the concentrator to set up the pipe network monitoring system

 Due to the remote area or poor installation environment,IC card prepaid water meter reading cost is high, data interaction is poor, and safety factor is low. In order to reduce the management cost of water department, and enhance the compatibility and expansibility of the payment management system, STS separated water meter based on LORA wireless remote transmission water meter is designed. Automatic collection of water meter data and uploaded to the information management platform for data statistics and analysis, to achieve real-time monitoring of water meters and users, and to find possible water leakage and water theft as soon as possible, it is believed that STS water meters will be more widely used in life in the near future.


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