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Industry News

  • Working principle of ultrasonic water meters-S.H.Meters

    Working principle of ultrasonic water meter Ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter that detects the time difference caused by changes in velocity during the propagation of ultrasonic sound beams in water, analyzes and processes the flow rate of the effluent, and further calculates the

  • World water industry development

    At present, from the perspective of the structural characteristics of the water industry, the water supply operation in China is mainly concentrated in the operation of water works, and the sewage operation is limited to the operation of sewage treatment plants.

  • Why can smart water meters replace traditional mechanical water meters?

    At present, in the market, the purchase volume of smart water meters is higher and higher than that of mechanical water meters, and even in many projects are replacing traditional mechanical water meters. The reasons for the above phenomena can be roughly divided into several points.

  • Sand and stones? No problem: water meters from S.H.Meters can handle it all

    As a water meter solution provider over many years, hope we can exchange some market information about the irrigation industrial together. Except for the projects, manufacturers and distributors, the irrigation industry is also our mainly filed and our mainly client group .

  • How much do you know about large-caliber water meters?

    Small-caliber water meters are common in many scenarios, but large-caliber water meters are also indispensable water meter products. The large-caliber water meter is the only tool that can be used in the general water supply pipeline, and it is also a legal measuring instrument.

  • S.H.Meters: The Future of Water Management

    Nowadays, the demand for water saving and environmental protection is increasing all over the world. However, due to the difficulty of using and maintenance of traditional water meters, the utilization rate is not high, and the awareness of environmental protection cannot be effectively guided.

  • What should I do if the ultrasonic water meter is out of power?

    Generally speaking, in the production of ultrasonic water meters, the service life of the water meter will be tested to ensure that its battery life meets the standard.

  • How S.H.Meters Enables Reliable Water Measurement for Sustainable Water Management on World Water Day

    Water scarcity is a growing problem in many parts of the world. As the population continues to grow and climate change intensifies, water resources become increasingly scarce and the need for efficient water management becomes more urgent.

  • How to solve the water meter running too fast?

    How to solve the water meter running too fast? Have you also encountered this problem? There are many reasons why the water meter runs too fast. We need to analyze specific problems.

  • Solving the Challenges of Water Supply Enterprises with S.H.Meters' Innovative Solutions

    Water supply enterprises, as an essential infrastructure that maintains people's daily life, often face numerous operational and management issues.

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