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  • How is the application of IoT water meters in the digital transformation of water companies? What's the outlook?

    With the guidance of the national digital policy, the application of domestic smart water meters is in full swing, and many products and successful cases have emerged. IoT water meters can be quickly installed and used on the basis of retaining mechanical water meter assets, helping traditional wate

  • Make smart water meters more "smarter"

    With the introduction of national water resources management and water related policies. The construction of new urbanization, smart cities, and water-saving cities, and the acceleration of the informatization, intelligence and networking of water institutions. As well as the implementation of polic

  • NB-IOT of new water meter technology

    With the emergence of NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things technology, the water meter industry quickly turned its attention to the emerging NB-IOT remote water meter technology. Based on NB-IoT technology, it has the characteristics of wide coverage, high reliability, high security, low cost, and l

  • How does the weight piston automatic test stand work?

    Good day!Today wish to share the working process of our gravimetric piston type automatic test bench with you.Please find more details as below,DN15 to DN25,Flow range: 2-7000L/HError range: ≤0.2%Test R1250 DN15 max Pressure range: 0-1.6mpaWorking temperature: 0-90℃Air source pressure: 3.5-6barPower

  • What is the difference between a single-jet water meter and a multi-jet water meter?

    Water meter is a very broad concept with a wide variety of types. In order to adapt to the use in various environments, but also to suit all kinds of people to buy. There are dozens of types. In terms of material, there are copper water meters, alloy water meters, and cast iron water meters. Accordi

  • Why is the NB-IOT remote water meter easier to use than the GPRS water meter?

    The promotion and use of water meters is to allow people to form the ideological concept of careful planning and water conservation. At present, the water supply enterprises pay the most attention to wireless remote water meters. Wireless remote water meters include NB-IOT remote water meters, GPRS

  • The difference between NB-IoT water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter

    With the progress of the times, the daily use of water meters has become more and more intelligent, and technology has made the meter reading fee intelligent; the three most prominent water meters today are the NB-IoT water meter, the LORA water meter and the GPRS water meter. Some people don't know


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