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Basic installation requirements for rotary water meters

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Basic installation requirements for sh-meters rotary water meters

1. To ensure the most accurate measurement, the installation part is the same as the pipe before the water meter inlet.

The diameter of the outlet of the water meter is at least 5 times the diameter of the straight pipe section, and the diameter of the outlet of the water meter is at least 2 times the diameter of the water meter.

2. The diameter of the connecting pipe upstream and downstream of the water meter cannot be reduced

3. It is recommended to install flow control equipment (such as valves) and filtering equipment

4.Flange seals must not reach into the pipeline or be misplaced

5. Thoroughly clean the pipes before installing the water meter to prevent debris from damaging the water meter

6. The flow direction of the water meter should be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline.

7. After installing the water meter, drain slowly and fill the pipes to prevent the high-speed airflow from damaging the water meter.

8. The installation position should ensure that the pipeline is full of water, air bubbles will not be concentrated in the workbench, and the use of water meters should be avoided.

Note that it needs to be installed at the highest point of the pipeline

9. Water meters should be protected from water pressure

10. Before or after tilting left or right, a small caliber rotor water meter must be installed horizontally.

Otherwise it will result in reduced sensitivity


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