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Development status of Stainless steel Multi-jet dry-dial water meter

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Stainless steel Multi-jet dry-dial water meter

At present, although a lot of residential property has replaced the IC card smart water meter, because the IC card smart water meter can really make the property water management work more relaxed, more intelligent management. But there are a lot of communities still adhere to the use of mechanical water meters, so it proves that the mechanical water meters are still in some aspects stronger than the IC card intelligent water meters, so what are the advantages of mechanical water meters?Today we take the stainless steel dry-dial multi - jet meter as an example.

Stainless steel water meter multi-jet dry water meter can be installed vertically and horizontally. The advantage of vertical installation is that it is easy for meter readers to copy; The disadvantage is the inconvenience of maintenance when a fault occurs. When installed horizontally on the pipeline, because the water flow is along the axis direction of the pipeline, it is not easy to produce blockage phenomenon.


Advantages of stainless steel water meter multi-flow dry water meter:

1. Blocking and scale prevention;

2. Long service life;

3. Strong corrosion resistance;

4. Beautiful appearance.

5. Easy to use.

6. High accuracy.

7. Low prices.

8. Strong anti-interference ability.

9. Simple maintenance.

10. Wide application range.

11. Suitable for all kinds of water quality.

12. Suitable for remote control of water supply in high-rise buildings.

 In short, although there are some disadvantages of mechanical water meters, but the cost of mechanical water meters is indeed lower than the IC card intelligent water meters, which is also the biggest reason why many property communities continue to use mechanical water meters.

 As the common meter used in the early domestic water metering, the mechanical water meter is still active in the historical stage is not unreasonable, but also these advantages support the mechanical water meter, let it become the choice of users, never wither!


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