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Do you know about water meter test benches?

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Our fully automatic and manual test benches test water meters (DN 15 -50) for maximum pressure and temperature.

Our test rigs have flow rates of up to 630 m3/h. Workbench components that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel, brass or corrosion-resistant plastic. Software that communicates with a special processor unit via a serial RS 232 or LAN connection facilitates the testing process. The processor (located in the electrical box) reads data from the sensors and controls the valves, pumps, diverters, pulse-mode master and test meters.

Test benches can be used for:

Mechanical water meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Other flow meters

The test stand is equipped with a swivel end piece that allows the instrument to be turned upside down. This facilitates degassing of the test line. To ensure effective testing, we recommend evacuating the system beforehand.

The test bench is modular. Their components can include:

Test stand with test stand, adjustment part and weighing assembly (requires connection to external water source)

Test stand with auxiliary pump assembly and flow regulator

Complete test bench including main tank (only room and power required)

System for reading test instruments




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