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Do you know how to install a water meter?

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  Do you know how to install a water meter? Do not understand, let's take a look at the answer to this problem, understand this problem, and then look at the water meter installation precautions and instructions. After reading, you will have a more detailed understanding of these two issues.

Steps for installing water meters

1. When choosing a water meter, you need to choose a water meter of the same caliber according to the caliber of your water pipe.

2, the water meter is installed according to the horizontal direction, usually the surface is facing upwards, and the arrow in the water meter should be consistent with the direction of the tap. And before installing the water meter, be sure to ensure that there are no other magazines in the water pipe, so as not to shorten the service life of the meter.

3, in the upstream of the water pipe, and downstream, should be equipped with a valve, and in the use of the time to open the valve, if not used for a long time, the valve should be closed.

4, in the upstream and downstream of the water pipe, it is necessary to install a certain length of straight pipe section, and some elbow will appear eddy current phenomenon, then should be added in front of a rectifier.

5.The outlet at the downstream of the water meter must be higher than the water meter 0.5m, so as to ensure that the count of the water meter is more accurate.


Precautions and instructions for water meter installation

1. The water meter shall be installed according to the tips on the dial or cover of the water meter. The "H" logo is installed horizontally, the dial of the water meter is facing up, and the arrow direction of the case is consistent with the direction of the pipeline water flow. Its upstream should ensure more than 10 times the caliber of straight pipe section, downstream should ensure more than 5 times the caliber of straight pipe section.

2, the installation site should be prevented from exposure and freezing, avoid pollution and flooding, easy to disassemble and read, anti-freezing measures should be taken in winter.

3. During the construction, attention should be paid to the protection of the hose and wire. It is forbidden to move the hose to carry the water meter, so as to avoid the hose falling off or the wire sheath breaking.

4. The newly installed pipe should be cleared of debris in the pipe first to prevent the water meter from being blocked. When installing the water meter, pay attention to the connecting length of the water meter. If the distance between pipes at both ends exceeds the connecting length of the water meter, is too short, or is not on the same axis, correct the distance between pipes; otherwise, the pipe fitting of the water meter may be damaged or cannot be installed.

5. If the cold water meter is installed at the inlet of the boiler, it is necessary to prevent the hot water and steam reflux of the boiler from damaging the water meter.

6, the long-term use of water meters, due to impurities in the pipeline, rust and other blockage, cause error changes, users shall not destroy the lead seal, can be repaired to the meter verification station.

7. Select specifications according to pipeline flow. Often used flow close to or less than the usual flow is appropriate, can not be determined by the caliber of the pipe caliber water meter caliber.

8. The water meter consists of dry type and wet type. Wet water meter glass under the water, water vapor is a normal phenomenon. In use because of old pipes, poor water quality or installed at the end of the pipeline, will cause rust pollution, affect the reading.

9. The upper part of the water meter is the elbow and valve that should be used in the pipeline system. The water meter should always be filled with water, and the flow rate should not be less than 0.005Mpa when the flow is zero, so as to avoid air entering the pipeline.


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