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Features and applications of ultrasonic water meters

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The main features of ultrasonic water meters are low starting flow rate, wide range ratio, high measurement and display accuracy, and stable operation. There are no moving parts inside, no blocking parts, not affected by impurities in the water, and has a long service life. The output communication functions are complete and meet the requirements of various communication and wireless networks. With excellent small flow detection ability. Able to solve many traditional water meter problems. Gradient charges for water use, rational conservation and rational use of water resources. Has a broad market and application prospects.

The ultrasonic water meter is a fully electronic water meter made by the principle of ultrasonic time difference. Compared with mechanical water meters, it has high precision, good reliability, wide range, long service life, does not need any moving parts, does not need to set parameters, and does not need to be installed at any angle.

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