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Five tips to teach you how to look at the water meter

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The water meter is a measuring instrument that we often see in our daily life, but many people may not know how to look at the water meter, and how to look at the water meter?

1. A general water meter will have a protective cover on the dial. When checking the water consumption on the water meter, you should first lift the cover.

2. There is a rectangular display window on the water meter, and the number displayed on it is the current total water consumption. The back is marked with m ³, It means that the unit is cubic. Subtract the current total from the last total, which is the water consumption in the recent period.

3. Although some water meters have different shapes, they usually have a small window displaying numbers, and then marked with m ³, That is the total water consumption; One cubic meter of water is slightly equal to one ton of water, so we know how many tons of water are used.

4. In the water meter, there is also a black circular gear like thing. This is generally the water flow indicator wheel. The larger the water is discharged, the faster the indicator wheel will turn. When the indoor faucets are all closed, and the indicator wheel still rotates for a long time, it indicates that there may be water leakage.

5. In the water meter, there are also some small pointers, which are mainly used to read the water consumption more accurately, and can be accurate to 0.0001. Generally, the water meter is mainly used to look at the numbers in the top small window.


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