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History of water meter

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Water meter is now an indispensable measuring tool for every household. With the progress of the times and technology, the water meter has spanned the long river of time, has gone through nearly 200 years, and has gradually evolved into the current intelligent water meter, becoming an indispensable part of the smart city.

The first water meter in history was born in Britain in 1825. It was a balance tank water meter with instrument characteristics invented by a man named Klaus.During this period, the structure of water meter has successively appeared in the form of reciprocating single-piston water meter, rotary piston water meter, disc water meter, rotary wing water meter and spiral wing water meter (also known as Waterman water meter). The working principle and basic structure of these water meters are still used by water meter manufacturers in various countries. However, continuous progress has been made in design, technology and material selection, which has greatly improved the metering performance and reliability of water meters and reduced manufacturing costs.

Since 1955, water companies in some first-tier cities in China have begun to independently develop and produce water meters. With the strengthening of national strength and the progress and development of industry, generations of scientific researchers and experts have worked hard and continuously researched and developed, achieving one breakthrough after another. The water meter has been updated from generation to generation, making the life of residents more intelligent and convenient, and making people's life more happy.

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