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How much do you know about NB IoT?

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      NB-IoT is the abbreviation of narrowband Internet of Things and is an emerging technology in the field of Internet of Things. It supports cellular data connection of low power devices in WAN, also known as Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). The NB-IoT device is said to have a battery life increase of at least 10 years and provide very comprehensive coverage of indoor cellular data connections. It consumes only about 180KHz of bandwidth, can be deployed directly in a GSM network, UMTS network or LTE network, and supports efficient connections for devices with short standby times and high network connectivity requirements.

     ·Number of connections: Each cell can support 50,000 terminals. The more connections provided, the less base stations required.

     ·Stable and reliable: Provides reliable access at the telecommunication level and stabilizes support for IoT application scenarios.

     ·Wide coverage: Compared with traditional GSM, a base station can cover a range of 10km and NB-IoT has better coverage (20dBm gain).

     ·Low power consumption: No. 5 battery can last for ten years without charging. NB IoT introduces eDRX power saving  technology and PSM power saving mode, further reducing power consumption and prolonging battery life. In PSM power saving mode, the terminal can stay in deep sleep for a longer time to save power.

      ·Low Cost: NB-IoT modules cost less than $5 or less.

      Water meter and electricity meter detection: Using the NB-IoT module, the equipment only needs to wake up and communicate with the base station when data is reported every day. Most of the time, there is little power consumption. In the case of hydropower meter reading, NB-IoT can be fully upgraded to this task.

       NB IoT is applicable to all kinds of meters in industrial scenarios, as well as all kinds of sensors and remote communications in industrial manufacturing. In addition, asset management tracking, such as remote management of power exchange and energy storage, requires remote communication, and NB IoT is very suitable. In addition, NB IoT will also be of great use in medical, health, smart agriculture, wearable and other fields.


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