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How much do you know about large-caliber water meters?

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Small-caliber water meters are common in many scenarios, but large-caliber water meters are also indispensable water meter products. The large-caliber water meter is the only tool that can be used in the general water supply pipeline, and it is also a legal measuring instrument.

 How much do you know about large-caliber water meters

The water meter is divided into a speed type water meter and a volumetric water meter. The speed type is installed in a closed pipe and is composed of a moving element, and the speed of the water flow immediately makes it a water meter with a driving force speed. Typical speed-type water meters include rotor-type water meters and screw-wing water meters. Among the rotor-type water meters, there are single-flow water meters, multi-flow water meters, and screw-wing water meters. A volumetric water meter is a water meter with a piston mechanism, generally installed in a pipeline, consisting of a number of chambers of known capacity that are filled and discharged many times with liquid and a water meter that is composed of tissues driven by liquid, or commonly known as quantitative analysis Discharge water meter.. Large-caliber water meters have a nominal diameter of more than 50mm, and are generally dominated by civil water meters and industrial water meters.


Ensure that the front and rear of the water meter have sufficient long straight pipe sections. The installation part of the water meter cannot be too close to the wall. This is very important for horizontal screw-wing water meters. A straight pipe with a length of not less than 10 times the diameter of the water meter should be reserved in front of the meter. The back of the meter should be a straight pipe with a length not less than 5 times the diameter of the water meter. If the valve in front of the water meter is directly connected to the water meter, the influence of the valve opening on the error of the water indication value is extremely significant. The distance between the water meter casing and the wall is 10-30mm.


When installing a water meter, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, harmful substances, and liquid corrosion, and take anti-cold measures to avoid hidden dangers during subsequent use.


The environment where the water meter is installed should be clean. The location of the water meter is very easy to check and read the meter and disassemble the water meter. It is not necessary to install it on the road where heavy vehicles pass by.


Also pay attention to the installation direction, see if the direction of the arrow on the case of the water meter is consistent with the direction of the water flow in the pipe, and the direction is appropriate.


When installing the water meter, the residues in the pipes just installed must be removed first, such as gravel and fine sand, etc. If the water body is weak, a filter screen should be installed in front of the water meter, and the filter screen should be cleaned on time.


During the use of the water meter, it is necessary to repair the damage, corrosion and other parts of the parts in time, and regularly go to the quality supervision department for inspection.


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