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IC card water meter development

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IC card water meter development

IC card water meter

 Intelligent IC card water meter is a new type of water meter which uses modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption, transfer water consumption data and settle transactions. In addition to the record and electronic display of water consumption, it can also automatically control the water consumption according to the agreement, and automatically complete the calculation of the stepwise water price, and can carry out the function of water data storage. As the data transfer and transaction settlement are carried out through IC cards, it can realize the transformation from door-to-door meter reading by staff to paying fees by users at the business office.

 The use of intelligent IC card water meter can bring a lot of convenience for water supply management department and water users, and can provide basic technical support for the modernization of traditional water supply management mode. Compared with the traditional water meter, the smart IC card water meter technology can bring many new changes.


1.For the water supply department, the water management mode of paying first and then supplying water can be realized. It would help solve the problem of unpaid water bills.

2.Changed the charging mode of household meter reading. The adoption of smart IC card water meters and their management system will fundamentally change the mode of meter reading and charging by the water supply department to thousands of households. As long as the water supply department reasonably set up payment institutions, basically will not give users trouble. With the cooperation of the financial system, the cost of distribution can also be reduced. Therefore, the large-scale adoption of intelligent IC card water meter technology will significantly help to reduce the management cost of the water supply department. By using IC card for transaction settlement, users can decide the time and amount of payment independently, which increases the autonomy of users. Especially with the enhancement of people's awareness of family security and privacy, the practice of entering private households at will, such as meter reading and door-to-door charging, will gradually be unpopular and even resisted. This is a social development trend that must be paid attention to.

3.can effectively solve some technical problems. For example, with the shortage of water resources, more complex water management modes such as overplanned water pricing and stepped water pricing will be gradually implemented. All of these put forward higher technical requirements for water meter transaction. Using smart IC card water meter, it will be easy to solve these problems. At the same time, it also provides technical support for manufacturing high precision measuring instruments.

4. With the development of science and technology, the water supply industry also needs to gradually realize the use of high-tech means for water supply management. Using intelligent IC card water meter will lay a technical foundation for modern management by using computer technology.

5.intelligent IC card water meter has other advantages, such as can effectively solve the measurement of wring skin, water disputes, embezzlement of water, human water, water statistics difficulties and other problems.

6.compared with the remote meter reading system, intelligent IC card water meter has the advantage of very low cost of use and maintenance, no wiring caused by chaos and high failure rate and other problems.

The above advantages of intelligent IC card water meter will make it gradually accepted and become a basic water metering configuration, and will be more widely used in the future.


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