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Industrial intelligent water meter can easily solve the problem of leakage

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The demand for industrial water is large, and the requirements for the flowability and bearing capacity of the water meter are high. The traditional old water meter is often prone to water dripping, leaking, emitting, running and other phenomena in the process of use, resulting in inaccurate water metering and increasing the burden of water charges. The industrial intelligent water meter adopts advanced data metering chip, which is more sensitive to water metering, and supports access to the meter reading system. It can monitor the operation status of each water equipment in the factory in real time, and can fully grasp the water use situation in the factory. When any water use abnormality occurs, it can be fed back through the data and give relevant warning prompt. The industrial intelligent water meter can easily help you solve the problem of leakage.


The industrial intelligent water meter supports the access to the Internet meter reading system. It does not need to manually read the water consumption data in the factory one by one. It can directly manage the data through the meter reading system, carry out relevant statistics, analysis and processing, and automatically generate the detailed water consumption data report in different periods, different water equipment and different areas. The water meter management personnel of the factory can check directly on the mobile phone applet or computer, master the operation status of each water equipment, update the information in real time, and detect any abnormal water use situation in time, such as forgetting to turn off the faucet, water pipe damage, etc. After the system monitors, it will directly send out an early warning prompt, inform the user of the abnormal accident, and can directly open or close the water meter valve remotely, Ensure that the problem of "leakage" is found in the first time and solved in time to reduce unnecessary losses.

Industrial intelligent water meters can pay close attention to water problems such as water leakage and leakage through accurate measurement of water consumption and real-time parameter monitoring functions, effectively solve the problems such as low efficiency of traditional manual meter reading, untimely data return, confusion of water equipment management, waste of water resources, etc., without the need to arrange special personnel to supervise at all times, and manage water equipment intelligently with one click, helping managers to reasonably save labor management costs and water expenditure costs, Reduce workload.

As a product derived from the principle of electromagnetic flowmeter, the industrial intelligent water meter has small starting flow and high accuracy of data measurement. It uses modern microelectronics technology and modern sensing technology to measure the water consumption, and the measurement accuracy can reach level 1. Moreover, the intelligent water meter has no movable part inside, which is almost a straight-through structure, and the pressure loss can be almost ignored, Therefore, in the process of metering, no small water drop flowing through the water meter will be allowed, which effectively solves the problem of non-metering of water drops in the past and eliminates the phenomenon of water meter leakage.


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