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Why can smart water meters replace traditional mechanical water meters?

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At present, in the market, the purchase volume of smart water meters is higher and higher than that of mechanical water meters, and even in many projects are replacing traditional mechanical water meters. The reasons for the above phenomena can be roughly divided into several points.


The smart water meter is a pre-payment system, which automatically closes the valve for water supply after the cost is consumed, and provides water after the user pays the fee. In the traditional mechanical water meter, the user uses water first, and the staff will charge after reading and calculating the meter. Compared with the payment method of smart water meters, the charging cycle of traditional mechanical water meters is long and consumes manpower and material resources.


If the user has no one at home for a long time, the faucet breaks or the water pipe leaks, the traditional mechanical water meter will be manually closed after the water company finds a huge water bill, while the smart water meter can be automatically closed after the consumption of the amount in the meter, reducing the risk of users and saving water resources.


The precision of intelligent water meter is high, the traditional mechanical water meter has a variety of movements, the accuracy is not the same, the intelligent water meter machinery is unified, can prevent the water meter dripping does not measure, the water meter speed caused by the contradiction.


Smart water meters will increasingly take a large share of the market. S.h.ters is a professional water meter supplier in China for more than 10 years. The main products include mechanical water meter, smart water meter, prepaid water meter, water meter accessories, water meter test stand. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.


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