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Insufficient use of water resources

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Insufficient use of water resources

Groundwater overexploitation is serious

 With the development of the economy, the demand for water resources is increasing, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. When the groundwater cannot meet the needs of production and living, people will exploit and use the groundwater. The phenomenon of overexploitation of underground water resources is serious, causing problems such as ground subsidence and collapse, and even a series of ecological problems, aggravating the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources, and endangering social and economic development.

Serious waste of water resources

 At present, the waste of water resources is serious, which is mainly manifested in: the phenomenon of running, leaking, dripping and leaking of water resources caused by water pipelines is serious, resulting in a huge waste of water resources; everyone lacks the concept of water saving, and water resources are seriously wasted in life; The construction quality of water conservancy projects is weak. Many agricultural irrigation areas have low utilization rate of water resources and a large amount of water resources. Industrial production technology is low, water resource utilization rate is low, and it is difficult to achieve repeated utilization, which aggravates the plight of water resources.

Water pollution is seriousIn 

 Agricultural production, chemical fertilizers and fertilizer residues not only cause land agglomeration and endanger land productivity, but also a large amount of pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues flow into rivers and lakes with rainwater and seep into the ground, causing great pollution to water resources. In addition, solid waste from industrial production is a key source of water pollution. Harmful substances in industrial solid waste seep into the ground, leading to industrial pollution of groundwater and adding enormous pressure to water resource maintenance.


 The uneven distribution of water resources in our country has caused a certain impact on people's production and life. It is particularly important to strengthen the conservation and utilization of water resources and improve the efficiency of water resources utilization. First of all, it is necessary to improve the management level, carry out water resources management in accordance with relevant laws and policies, establish water-saving standards, and earnestly implement the review and acceptance of water resources development and utilization related projects to ensure the later operation and management benefits. It is necessary to strengthen the application of water-saving irrigation technology, reduce the waste of water resources, and comprehensively improve the utilization rate of water resources through the application of new agricultural water-saving technologies. Relevant departments should intensify efforts to promote water-saving irrigation technology, so that more farmers can use water-saving irrigation. At the same time, it is necessary to widely publicize and change the ideological cognition of farmers, so that farmers can establish correct awareness of water resources prevention, and lay a foundation for further improving the utilization rate of water resources.


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