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Intelligent ultrasonic wireless remote water meters: changing the future with technology

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The large water supply area, low data reading accuracy, long problem detection cycles, untraceable historical information and high management costs have led to high supply and sales and operating costs for water companies.


There are increasing calls to improve the accuracy level of water meters, expand the range ratio, improve the characteristics of small flow measurement, and with the digital evolution, water companies are facing a transformation of products, technologies and services.


Along with the development of new flow sensing technology and metering technology, intelligent ultrasonic wireless remote water meter, as a new generation of intelligent water meter, is receiving more and more attention from water enterprises.


Intelligent ultrasonic wireless remote transmission water meter, is an electronic water meter that applies ultrasonic measurement technology to measure the volume of water used, and is used in the water supply network for cold water measurement of drinking water.


The wireless remote transmission ultrasonic cold water meter, from the installation of the meter, measurement, information transmission to maintenance, to provide the whole process of mind-saving, labor-saving, reliable, convenient, safe and efficient experience, multi-faceted to help water companies to reduce the supply and sales difference, to achieve intelligent operation, refinement management.


Based on its many years of experience in ultrasonic metering technology, S.H. Meters continues to deepen its research on the application of ultrasonic metering technology in the water industry, providing customers with mature and reliable products and solutions.



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