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Is single jet dry water meter easy to use?

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Single jet dry water meter is one of the wireless remote water meters.What are the outstanding features of this water meter?

1. High accuracy: the single-flow dry water meter has been improved in measuring accuracy, and can directly read and transmit data remotely by computer. Compared with the traditional water meter, the single-flow dry water meter can achieve the measurement error of less than 99%, thus avoiding the situation of human sentiment water, estimation error and so on. Moreover, the wireless remote water meter can save a lot of manpower and financial resources.

2. It is more intuitive to check the meter: the single-flow dry water meter displays the water in the same way as the mechanical metering display, which is convenient for the user to check the meter directly, and it is convenient for the user to understand and check the water use situation in a timely manner. There will be no water shortage, arrears, excessive water use and other problems.

3. Payment is more convenient: the single-flow dry-type water meter uses advanced data system, users can complete payment directly through mobile phone online, and do not have to wait for manual meter reading, saving a lot of time. In addition, the single-flow dry water meter is also more convenient for the statistical management of relevant departments.

4. Clear reading: the counter of the single-flow dry water meter is set with vacuum seal, which is not immersed in water, anti-condensation and atomization, and will not be affected by any suspended matter in water. It is more antifreezing than the wet water meter, and can ensure the clear reading of the water meter for a long time.

5. Long service life: single-flow dry-type water meter adopts magnetic transmission structure, with strong anti-magnetic ability, water impact resistance and anti-pollution ability. Its service life is longer than that of ordinary water meters, more durable than other water meters, and has good self-protection function.

6. Low power consumption and convenient maintenance: The single-flow dry water meter is designed with low power consumption. It usually does not need continuous power supply, as long as the power is supplied at the instant of meter reading. Moreover, the wireless water meter is also very convenient to maintain. Generally, it can be used for a long time as long as the problem of battery power-on is controlled.

7. Simple installation: single-flow dry-type water meter has low requirements for water quality, small size, light weight, suitable for multiple places, and relatively simple installation.



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