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Is the big water meter and the small water meter running the same way?

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The large water meter and the small water meter are the same.

 For the same pot of water, it only takes different time to boil small water and big water, and the water meter runs the same way. The water meter measures the water output, which is the volume.

Water meters are instruments for measuring water flow. Most of them measure the cumulative flow of water. They are generally divided into two types: volumetric water meters and velocity water meters. The development of water meters has a history of nearly two hundred years. When selecting water meter specifications, you should first estimate In general, the size and flow range of the flow rate used, and then choose the water meter with the specification that the common flow rate is closest to the value as the first choice.

 The internal structure of the traditional water meter can be divided into three parts: the shell, the sleeve, and the inner core from the outside to the inside. The shell is made of cast iron. Chamber", on the top of this annular space there is an "upper ring chamber" that communicates with the water outlet, and there is a filter screen with small holes at the bottom of the sleeve to filter out the sundries in the water.


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