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Is the ic card prepaid water meter expensive? What are the functions?

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IC card prepaid water meter is a kind of intelligent water meter that can automatically transmit data and settle transactions. It mainly uses IC card as a medium to automatically control water consumption, complete payment in advance and purchase water, automatically calculate the ladder water price, realize the interaction between water information and water meter and meter reading management system, realize the transformation from traditional manual door-to-door meter reading and charging to user's own payment in the business hall, and the IC card prepaid water meter's own price The overall use and maintenance costs are very low, which effectively reduces the investment and operating costs of the management department.


The price of the IC card prepaid water meter is determined by many factors, including the material of the meter, the diameter of the meter, the functional requirements of the meter, etc. Users can match the appropriate prepaid water meter from many aspects, such as how large the water flow is, whether the water data is transmitted wirelessly or wirelessly, whether the water meter is installed in a centralized or decentralized manner, whether it is equipped with a valve control, whether it supports water cut-off alarm, etc, The prepaid water meter prices vary with different demands.

1. The water volume is transferred in two directions through IC card. The water is purchased first and then used. The valve is automatically closed and the water is cut off in arrears. Manual meter reading is not required;

2. It supports step by step calculation of water charges, monthly or annual charging, IC card recharge and price adjustment, and unified card price adjustment to avoid water cost loss;

3. Users can inquire about the water use and payment through the IC card to master the water use situation and rules;

4. The prepaid water meter can automatically close the valve in case of abnormal conditions such as low voltage battery failure and sensor failure, so as to avoid waste of water resources and extend the service life of the water meter;

5. The IC card prepaid water meter can limit the amount of water purchased by users. When the sum of water surplus and recharge exceeds the limit, the water meter will not read the amount of water purchased in the user card, effectively preventing users from hoarding a lot of water.

6. When the prepaid water meter encounters external strong magnetic interference that affects the normal metering of the water meter, the water meter valve can be automatically closed. After the magnetic interference is eliminated, the valve can be opened through the IC card.

In addition, the fully sealed design of the IC card prepaid water meter also fully guarantees the water meter's waterproof, moisture-proof and anti offensive properties. The overall cost performance ratio is high, so the purchasing user basically does not have to worry about the cost of purchasing the IC card prepaid water meter will exceed the budget.


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