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Make smart water meters more "smarter"

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-22      Origin: Site

With the introduction of national water resources management and water related policies. The construction of new urbanization, smart cities, and water-saving cities, and the acceleration of the informatization, intelligence and networking of water institutions. As well as the implementation of policies such as stepped water prices, the popularization of smart water meters is an irreversible trend. The water department has also gradually changed its concept. From pure water meter data reading and charging to value mining of water quantity data, to improve the quality of water supply services. Transform from the traditional water production and manufacturing industry to the water supply service industry.

China's smart water meters are updated rapidly, and only prepaid water meters can solve the problem of charging. To the intelligent remote transmission water meter that can realize remote transmission reading data and payment. to the newly developed NB-IOT water meter. In just a few years, China's water meter industry has undergone tremendous changes. In other countries, LoRa WAN water meters with open data are also popular.

Today, water meters are no longer used to complete functions such as metering and charging. It is also necessary to realize functions such as remote transmission and leakage alarm. In the future, smart water meters will be smarter.



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