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NB-IOT of new water meter technology

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-26      Origin: Site

With the emergence of NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things technology, the water meter industry quickly turned its attention to the emerging NB-IOT remote water meter technology. Based on NB-IoT technology, it has the characteristics of wide coverage, high reliability, high security, low cost, and low power consumption. In the field of smart water meters, it can not only reduce the cost of meter reading, but also realize the intelligence and big data management of water meters.

The water meter can monitor water consumption in real time, provide a management platform for free, and realize prepaid/postpaid through integration. The application of NB-IoT technology in smart water meters is easy to install. It can be seen from the performance test and analysis results that the whole system is in good operating condition and stable in performance, and has broad market application prospects.

In addition, SH METERS upgraded the base meter to an ultrasonic base meter to improve the accuracy of the water meter and provide accurate measurement solutions. Welcome to consult SH METERS.



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