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NB-IoT smart water meter helps the development of smart cities

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With the development of economy and society, people's houses become more and more intelligent. However, traditional water meters have the disadvantages of difficult monitoring, high cost and poor stability. The emergence of NB-IoT intelligent water meters will solve the above problems. NB-IoT intelligent water meter can realize intelligent water meter management and provide technical support for the development of smart cities in the future.

Intelligent water meter is based on the technology of traditional water meter, and applies TI's microprocessor and the integrated chip MSP430FW42X of rotary scanning interface SCANIF. This chip has many application advantages, including low power consumption, wide coverage, high accuracy, stable operation, etc. It can maintain the detection accuracy under the condition of small flow, and will not be affected by water rust for a long time, The impeller with metal film is applied to rotate in it, and it is converted into transmissible electrical signal through the sensing device, and sent to the SACNIF interface of the microprocessor, so as to calculate the flow and direction of the corresponding fluid. The internally installed timing state machine can automatically detect the signal. The microprocessor further processes the obtained signal, and encrypts it and then packages it into the message according to the communication protocol, It is sent out through NBIoT communication module. The use of serial port and standard AT command set can facilitate control and timely transmit various sampling data information to the cloud platform.

The application of NB-IoT technology in the field of intelligent water meters can achieve the functions of real-time acquisition of data information, system status detection, command issuance, etc., and can design the acquisition frequency by time and section, and properly increase the frequency during the peak period of water use. Timely collate and analyze the obtained water use data information, scientifically and reasonably manage the water use status dynamically, improve the operation efficiency and continuously improve the service quality. NB-IoT intelligent water meter applies end-to-end management scheme, specifically:

1. Aiming at the common problems of current water meters, intelligent water meters can effectively reduce the cost of meter reading, achieve real-time data transmission, timely troubleshooting and resolution, and improve operational efficiency.

2. Aiming at the current problem of water meters, data is guaranteed by applying end-to-end solutions.

3. In view of the current power consumption of water meters, NB-IoT technology can significantly reduce energy consumption by using low-power acquisition units. Practice shows that the power consumption of NB-IoT water meters can meet the specification requirements of continuous use for 10 years under normal operating conditions.

4. In view of the current signal coverage problem of water meters, NB-IoT technology can solve the practical problems such as the installation of water meters is too dense or too scattered, and the installation environment is complex.

5. In view of the current water meter connection problem, build a unified NB-IoT platform that can accept a variety of different Internet of Things applications. It can solve the compatibility problems of protocols and the integration problems of equipment from different suppliers. At the same time, it can also meet the convenience needs of water meter terminals and the future large-scale connection needs.

The application of NB-IoT intelligent water meter has solved the problems of data accuracy, real-time and convenience of current water meter measurement. The further integration of NB-IoT technology, big data and cloud computing can use water information to intelligently manage urban water supply and use problems and make the development of smart cities more powerful.


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