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NB-IoT water meter perfectly solves the problems encountered by GPRS water meter

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With the change of energy structure, remote water meters have already entered thousands of households. However, traditional mechanical water meters rely on manual door-to-door meter reading, which has the disadvantages of high cost, low efficiency, large data recording error, cumbersome management and maintenance, and inconvenient payment.

Therefore, GPRS remote meter reading was born. It solved a series of problems of manual meter reading. It is not only high efficiency, but also more safe, and it is more convenient and fast for customers to pay. However, GPRS meters also cause some problems: small customer volume of communication base stations, high function loss and poor signal. The water meter is specified as a rechargeable battery power supply system, so this clearly puts forward high requirements for the function loss of the meter. Generally, the instantaneous large current of 2G communication can reach 2A, which makes it very difficult to select the model of battery performance and cost management.

Compared with 2G/3G/3G of GPRS water meter, NB-IoT water meter has a 50-100 times increase in volume, which means that under the same coverage area of communication base station, NB-IoT provides 50-100 times more connections than current wireless communication technology. This is undoubtedly a better choice for residential areas with relatively large installed capacity.

The core of NB-IoT's intelligent meter reading system software is composed of water meter containing NB-IoT control module, communication base station, NB-IoT core network, NB-IoT management service platform, mobile phone client Internet intelligent management system, centralized reading intelligent management system, etc. The water meter will submit the collected water usage information and its own information content to the NB-IoT core network and the Internet of Things technology cloud service platform. In addition, it can also accept the manipulation information content from the cloud service platform. The mobile client Internet intelligent management system obtains the received household tap water information content from the NB-IoT management cloud service platform, monitors the real-time application status of each household, and water enterprises can conduct real-time step price adjustment and manipulation of the customer's tap water according to the detected data information, and push the monthly demand and deduction status to the household information.

NB-IoT technology has the advantages of wide coverage, low power consumption, low cost, mass connectivity, and is rapidly popularized in various manufacturing industries such as smart home systems, new smart cities, environmental detection, industrial and agricultural production and manufacturing.

NB-IoT also plays a key role in the recent fight against pneumonia. NB-IoT door magnet, tracking, anti-theft lock and other applications can complete the "touch free" application, promote social development and mutual anti-epidemic, and better play the application value of the Internet of Things technology.



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