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Practical common sense of ultrasonic water meter

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In order to carry out more accurate and intelligent water supply management, ultrasonic water meters have been used in urban water supply pipelines, household water consumption master meters, water resource water intake monitoring, farmland irrigation and other places, which greatly improves the work efficiency of relevant departments while saving human resources. How much do you know about ultrasonic water meters?


1. Principle of ultrasonic water meter: It is a measuring instrument that measures, stores and displays the instantaneous and cumulative flow of water flow under rated working conditions by using the principle of ultrasonic flow measurement.

2. What is the sound channel: the propagation path of ultrasonic wave.

3. Sound channel angle: refers to the angle between the ultrasonic propagation path and the pipeline axis.

4. Integral ultrasonic water meter: that is, the ultrasonic water meter that cannot be separated from the measuring sensor.

5. Split ultrasonic water meter: that is, the ultrasonic water meter that can be separated from the calculator and the measuring sensor.

6. Sampling period: the time difference between two adjacent flow velocity measurements, namely the time interval.

7. Mono ultrasonic water meter: only one pair of ultrasonic transducers.

8. Multi-channel ultrasonic water meter: with two or more pairs of transducers.

9. Ultrasonic transducer: a device that can generate ultrasonic signal output under the trigger of electrical signal and convert ultrasonic signal into electrical signal.


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