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Precautions for installation of water meter

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The water meter is a flow metering instrument, which is a measuring instrument for correct measurement and reasonable allocation of water resources. In order to ensure the accuracy of the water meter, we should pay attention to the installation and use of the water meter while implementing the mandatory inspection and strengthening the supervision and management of the water meter products on the market.

 Installation method of water meter

1. Before installing the water meter on the newly laid pipeline, the sundries in the pipeline must be cleaned before installation. Because the water meter slows down or stops, a large part of the reason is that the water meter stops because of hemp, iron nodules on the inner wall of the pipeline, and sediment deposition, which makes the water meter measurement more accurate and reliable.

2. The water meter shall be installed in such a way that the direction on the meter shell is consistent with the flow direction of water in the pipe. The location of the water meter device should be as convenient as possible for reading and changing the meter to prevent direct exposure to the sun and cold wind. The dial of the water meter shall be upward and not inclined. If the water meter is tilted, the friction resistance between the wing wheel axles of the water meter will increase, and even the water meter gear will not mesh properly, which will reduce the sensitivity of the water meter. The water meter will go slower and slower with the increase of the tilt angle.

3. Now the practice of installing meters and going out of the house is carried out. Because the outdoor working environment is much worse than the indoor working environment, the common water meter group set in the outdoor is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and the gear in the water meter is in high temperature for a long time, which is easy to be deformed and aged, which greatly affects the measuring accuracy of the water meter. Even if it is used for a long time under the normal working environment, the dial against which the water meter pointer is pointing is easy to produce dirt, which covers the scale and makes the meter reader unable to read accurately. Therefore, outdoor water meters should generally be installed with protection boxes.

4. The installation of some water meters does not meet the requirements, because some are limited by the installation space conditions, and some are due to the lack of technical knowledge of the installer. For example, the water meter is installed immediately after the valve, and the water meter should be installed horizontally. In order to make the reading convenient, the dial that should be upward is turned to the side and other wrong operations.

 Precautions for installation of water meter

1. The water meter is generally configured according to the nominal diameter of the pipe, and its flow rate is not higher than its maximum flow rate. The corresponding specifications shall also be selected according to the flow rate and pipe diameter.

2. Determination of installation location: generally, the lead-in water meter is installed in the outdoor water meter well, basement or special room. The water meter for household users is installed on the main pipe of the house. There is a stop valve in front of the water meter and a check valve in the back. The distance between the water meter shell and the wall surface shall not be more than 30mm. The distance between the water meter center and the other wall surface is 450-500mm, and the installation height is 600-1200mm. Generally speaking, the water meter is in a place that is convenient to check, free from exposure, freezing and pollution.

3. It is better to install a filter in front of the water meter. Before installing other instruments in the pipeline, clean the dirt in the pipeline to avoid blocking.

4. In order to maintain the level of the dial, the water meter can only be installed on the horizontal pipe. In addition, the arrow direction of the water meter shell should be consistent with the water flow direction. If necessary, a bypass pipe can be considered.

5. Flange connection is adopted when DN 50; When DN 40, threaded connection is adopted.

6. The rotary-wing water meter and the vertical screw-wing water meter shall be installed horizontally. The horizontal screw-wing water meter and the volumetric water meter can be installed horizontally, obliquely or vertically according to the actual situation. When installed vertically, the water flow direction must be from top to bottom.

7. Maintenance valves shall be installed at the front and back of the water meter and on the bypass pipe, and water release devices shall be installed between the water meter and the valve behind the meter. In order to reduce the head loss and ensure the straight flow of water in the pipe in front of the meter, the gate valve should be used as the maintenance valve in front of the meter. For household water meters in residential buildings, the maintenance valve and special water discharge device behind the meter can be omitted.


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