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Smart Water

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      Water is the source of human life, and with the development of cities, the problem of water pollution is becoming more and more serious. The supervision and control of water resources has become a major problem in urban development. The untimely monitoring of water quality and the untimely warning of floods are directly related to people's livelihood. The development of smart water can solve problems in a timely and accurate manner.

     The essence of smart water can be understood as combining information technology with water management, integrating multiple resources, establishing platform sharing, data opening, and cross-industry coordinated management, and the participation of all sectors of society in a variety of ways, making water management become intelligent and comprehensive, thus making urban water planning more sophisticated, dynamic, flexible and efficient, and reaching the state of "smart water".

      In short, smart water is actually a natural water ecosystem achieved through intelligent means, and a healthy drinking water achieved through our technology, so that every common people can drink safe water, which is the essence of smart water.


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