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The difference between NB-IoT water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter

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With the progress of the times, the daily use of water meters is becoming more and more intelligent. Technology makes meter reading charges intelligent. The three most prominent water meters today are NB-IoT water meters, LORA water meters and GPRS water meters. Some people do not know how to choose and distinguish between these three types of water meters.


What is NB-IOT water meter? LORA water meter? GPRS water meter?

NB-IoT is an emerging technology in the field of IoT, which supports cellular data connection of low-power devices in WAN. NB-IoT uses the licensed frequency band based on the operator's network with the widest coverage in the world and can be directly deployed on the GSM network, UMTS network or LTE network to enjoy better services. 

The birth of LoRa is earlier than that of NB-IoT. LoRa works in unlicensed frequency bands, so no additional fees are required. The LoRa protocol is simpler and easier to develop than NB-IoT, and the relative cost is less. LoRa nodes can sleep longer or shorter according to the needs of specific application scenarios, and the battery life is longer. 

GPRS is short for General Packet Radio Service Technology. For the packet-switched mode, users only occupy resources during the period of sending or receiving data, which means that multiple users can efficiently share the same wireless channel, thus improving the utilization of resources, and paying less for the long link time. GPRS can provide up to 115kbps transmission rate, the transmission rate is high.


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