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The importance of municipal water supply lines

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The importance of municipal water supply lines

 China's urban infrastructure projects are becoming more and more sound. With the innovation and development of science and technology, there have been development and innovation in various fields. In the urban municipal construction, a variety of new technologies and new methods have been applied and achieved good results. Municipal projects are related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and the public welfare characteristics are established. In particular, water supply is closely related to the lives of the public. If the water supply pipeline goes wrong, it is not conducive to the development of people's livelihood. Municipal water supply is a more important part of municipal work. Only by strengthening key technologies and innovating management can we find out better solutions. Therefore, the safety and stability of municipal water supply pipeline can be improved and a solid foundation for water supply safety can be laid.


 Municipal water supply pipeline is the main equipment of the city, should be designed according to the overall planning of the city, to meet the needs of the city. During the construction, we must fully study the overall design trend of the city, which is to meet the daily life requirements of the masses. According to the construction and planning of municipal water supply pipeline, the continuity of urban water supply can be improved. At the same time, the consumption of water source can be reduced to a certain extent, so that the water for civil and industrial use is effective and scientific. Therefore, municipal water supply pipeline construction can not be blindly constructed, should be based on the overall development of the city as the carrier, under the premise of urban planning. Starts before the clerk, to fully understand the urban planning, on the basis of the future of the city planning, overall urban design concept, the pipe line area, accomplish know fairly well, the total pipeline before construction survey of the basic content of urban economic situation, municipal, living conditions and environment, etc., on the grasp of these factors, the effective design and arrangement of the pipeline. The design of the municipal water supply line should be consistent with the local economic strength, so that the quality of the project can be improved to meet the daily water needs; It is necessary to keep pace with the technological form, keep pace with the municipal water supply pipeline construction countermeasures, change the traditional engineering design and construction consciousness, provide more convenience for citizens' life, and obtain the maximum social people's livelihood rights and interests with the least consumption of resources.


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