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The problems you will encounter when using smart water meters

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The problems you will encounter when using smart water meters.

First, communication failure.

Problem 1: Communication failure between the master station and the concentrator or wireless remote transmission device. The equipment on site is underpowered or the signal at the installation location is poor, resulting in unstable remote communication.

Measures: When installing the device, select a point with good signal and convenient connection to the mains. Extend the extended antenna to the outdoor location with good signal as far as possible, and replace the low-voltage alarm battery in time to ensure the normal online of the device.

Problem 2: The concentrator or wireless remote transmission device fails to communicate with the smart water meter. The circuit component of the remote transmission device is burned out. The device needs to be replaced.

Measures: The wiring head in the junction box is damp and oxidized, so it is necessary to timely repair the leakage meter to avoid water flowing into the junction box and causing short circuit or open circuit of the water meter line.

Problem 3: The smart water meter fails to collect data. The internal circuit element of the water meter is burned out and needs to be replaced.


Measures: There are too many meters mounted under the concentrator, resulting in insufficient power supply, and some smart meters cannot be normally read. It is necessary to install the smart meters in a standard way and make proper use of the mounting capacity of the concentrator. Usually, 500 meters are the most suitable.

Second, the system compatibility problem.

Problem 1: The hardware is incompatible.

Devices such as smart water meters and concentrators from different manufacturers are not compatible with each other, and devices other than those from the original manufacturer cannot communicate with each other.

Problem 2: The software is incompatible.

The meter reading software of smart water meters produced by different smart water meter manufacturers is incompatible and cannot be used for interactive meter reading. After the original smart water meter's after-sales service expires, if the manufacturer is unwilling to provide maintenance service, the software will not be maintained and upgraded in the later stage, and the system will be paralyzed.

Problem 3: Data incompatibility.

Usually, the data collected by the smart water meter will be transmitted through the remote system and saved to the server of the respective water meter manufacturer. The water department just logs in to the operation platform of the manufacturer through the link to query the data. This phenomenon may cause the water meter data to be unreasonable use by manufacturers.

During the use of smart water meters, regular spot check and maintenance should be carried out. Once the water meters are abnormal, timely maintenance should be carried out to avoid economic losses.


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