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The water meter is idling. What's the matter?

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Have you ever encountered the phenomenon that the water meter is still rotating when it is not in use? The inaccurate measurement caused by the idling of the water meter is easy to cause disputes. If it is not solved in time, it will also aggravate the contradictions. So how to solve the problem of water meter idling?

There are three main reasons for this problem. The first is that the installation position is not good. For example, the installation position is just in the place where the downstream flow is active, so the water consumption increases due to the rotation of the water meter; The second point is that there are problems in the design impact during the construction, such as the length of the front and rear straight pipe sections is not enough; In addition, other pipeline construction or large-scale construction will also cause this situation.

In general, the remote transmission water meter will not be damaged, but the problem of rotation like this can basically reduce the amplitude and the flow, so that the water flow can be recorded more accurately. Although the probability of occurrence is relatively low, it is inevitable that when the problem occurs, the water meter can be better used as long as the sensitivity is reduced.

When choosing the remote water meter, we actually pay more attention to the brand. Only well-known brands can be more reliable in terms of quotation, function, etc. So we must pay attention to these problems when choosing and purchasing, making it easier to use the water meter and saving trouble.




It is recommended to install a check valve on the pipeline to keep the pipeline pressure balance and solve the problem of water meter rotation caused by pressure fluctuation.

It is recommended to close the main water valve in the long-term uninhabited room to prevent loss caused by idling of the water meter or leakage of other indoor water appliances.


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