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What are the advantages of multi jet water meters over mechanical water meters?

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      With the development of science and technology, water meters are also making progress and playing an important role in water supply management. Now there is a new type of water meter on the market, called multi-flow dry nylon water meter. Unlike ordinary water meters, this water meter is measured by the internal flow of the water meter. Instead, the water is delivered to the front of the meter through the internal pipe, and then read by the mechanical meter. Compared with traditional mechanical water meters, what are the advantages of multiple water meters?

     1. Strong corrosion resistance

      Multi-flow dry nylon water meter adopts a new structural design, with strong corrosion resistance and good weather resistance. Its pipe material can reach IP67, and can resist the erosion of various environmental factors such as acid, alkali and sea water without being affected.

      In the process of using traditional mechanical water meter, once the pipeline leaks, the water meter will be corroded.

     2. Intelligent regulation not affected by water pressure

     Multi-flow dry nylon water meter can not be affected by water pressure, and can achieve full water supply pressure measurement. It can also intelligently adjust according to the user's water consumption, water consumption period and other conditions, and will automatically alarm when there is a fault.

     The mechanical water meter needs to manually add pressure to the pressure controller, and then calculate the pressure through the valve to measure the water volume. However, this mechanical meter is not fully automatic. Once the water pressure reaches a certain value, it will automatically stop pressurizing.

     3. Water cutoff is not easy to occur

      The medium used in the water supply of the multi-flow dry nylon water meter is tap water, which can extend the measuring range to 0~100 Mpa and work normally. When the pressure in the water supply fluctuates, it can adjust itself, amplify the flow, and then output the signal, which is not easy to cause water cut-off.

      Generally, the medium used by the mechanical water meter is tap water. Once the tap water pressure fluctuates or the water consumption increases, its water delivery pressure will be affected, resulting in the water meter not working properly.

     4. High metering accuracy

     Multi-flow dry nylon water meter has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, accurate measurement and durability. It has a large effective measurement range, with an accuracy of 0.01-1%.

     However, the traditional mechanical water meter is easy to be affected by various media in actual measurement, resulting in errors in water meter measurement.

     5. Long service life

      Multi-flow dry nylon water meter has no pressure loss, so it can measure normally even when the water pressure of the water pipe network is reduced. The service life of the multi-flow dry nylon water meter is generally more than 10 years. If the mechanical meter is seriously damaged, it can reach more than 20 years. In addition, it does not need to maintain the meter regularly like the ordinary water meter, which is convenient, fast, simple and efficient.

      However, the traditional mechanical water meter is easy to be damaged when the water pressure of the water supply company is low or when the water is in the peak period, because the pressure is too high and insufficient, which can not be measured normally.


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