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What are the advantages of prepaid water meters?

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What are the advantages of prepaid water meters?

(1) No need for manual meter reading, which is conducive to modern management. With the implementation of "one household, one meter", the number of water meters managed by water supply companies has increased sharply. Installing prepaid water meters is the best choice for water supply companies to strengthen modern management and improve service levels. The use of prepaid water meters also avoids the inconvenience caused by manual meter reading to customers, and the historical water purchase data can be saved, which is convenient for customers to inquire.

(2) It fully embodies the commodity attribute of water. According to the principle of commodity exchange, the prepaid water meter implements the principle of buying water first and then using it, which completely reforms the traditional water fee collection model and fully embodies the commodity attribute of water power. Customers can purchase water and use water in a planned way according to their actual needs, and there will be no late fees and unnecessary expenses due to arrears.
(3) Solved the problem of charging fees. It can well solve the charging problems of scattered residential customers, temporary water customers, and customers who often owe fees.

ic card water meter

 IC card prepaid water meter is a smart meter composed of smart cards as the information transmission medium. It has dual functions of mechanical counting and electronic counting.
 It has the advantages of advanced design, high technical content, complete functions, accurate measurement, reliable performance, small size, intuitive display, exquisite appearance, convenient installation and convenient use. It is suitable for the measurement and charging of tap water for urban residents, avoiding water theft and leakage , the occurrence of water leakage incidents, achieved the purpose of water saving and scientific management through electronic billing, and at the same time changed the traditional urban water supply management method, changing "use water first, then pay" to "pay first, then use water", improve It not only improves the modern management level of the water supply industry, but also facilitates the use of users, and avoids many inconveniences caused by meter inspection charges to users.


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