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What are the applications of ultrasonic water meters?

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Now many fields have a greater demand for ultrasonic water meters, including agricultural irrigation, township water supply, urban water supply and smart city construction and many other fields.

Agricultural irrigation: no mechanical transmission parts, no flow blocking components, ultrasonic water meter measurement is almost unaffected by water quality, can adapt to the poor water quality of agricultural irrigation conditions, is the most suitable product for agricultural irrigation water measurement.

 Township water supply: adapt to various water quality conditions; convenient communication network, multiple output signals, convenient automatic settlement and computer management, centralized water resources management, improved management efficiency, remote monitoring, and reduced management costs.

  Urban water supply: ultrasonic water meter with low initial flow, avoiding small flow without metering, increasing water revenue; high measurement accuracy, making a reliable guarantee of accurate water measurement; wide range ratio, adapting to various users of different water consumption.

 Smart city construction: no pressure loss, reduce the energy consumption of the pump and achieve the goal of energy saving; complete communication interface; convenient network remote monitoring, reflecting intelligence; battery-powered, no mechanical transmission parts, long service life.


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