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What is a fully automatic water meter test bench?

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The water meter test bench is an important tool to ensure the accuracy of the water meter. However, manual testing is time-consuming and labor-intensive. And that’s where the fully automatic water meter test bench comes in.


The fully automatic water meter test bench is a machine that can automatically test the accuracy of water meters without manual intervention. It uses sensors and software to control the flow and pressure of water, as well as to measure the output of the water meter under test.


One of its main advantages is its speed and efficiency. It takes several hours to manually test each water meter, but the fully automatic test bench can test multiple water meters at the same time and complete the whole process in a few minutes. This allows water utilities to test more meters in less time, improving their overall efficiency.


Another advantage is accuracy. Automated systems ensure accurate flow rates and pressures, which means more accurate readings from the water meters being tested. Helps avoid billing errors and ensures customers are only charged for the water they actually use.


In terms of maintenance, automatic water meter test benches require regular calibration and cleaning to ensure accurate and reliable results.


By automating the water meter test bench testing process, time and resources can be saved while providing customers with more accurate and reliable bills.

What is a fully automatic water meter test bench


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