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What is a smart water meter? What's the function?

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Smart water meter is the core of smart water system and the cornerstone of realizing smart water. Smart water meter is a new type of functional water meter that realizes water consumption data transmission and settlement through electrical technology and system integration on the basis of traditional water meter flow collection and water volume mechanical pointer display.

Compared with traditional water meters, smart water meters can realize functions such as remote data collection and transmission, step-by-step water cost control, and water use data analysis. Solve the problem of on-site water management of water supply units. Vigorously promoting the use of smart water meters can not only bring greater economic benefits to smart water meter production units and users, but also bring greater social benefits to the development of the entire society.

NB-IoT technology promotes the development of smart water meters. The main reason is that NB-IoT technology has obvious advantages. Low power consumption, wide area network, full coverage of data connections, long standby time, and at least 10 years longer battery life. The combination of smart water meter and smart water meter management system platform. Greatly improve work efficiency and reduce charging problems. The water staff just needs to sit in the hall and manage the water meter.



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