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What is a smart water meter?

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What is a smart water meter?

 Smart water meters are a new type of water meters. In this issue, we will introduce you to smart water meters from three aspects: the types, uses and characteristics of smart water meters.

1. Types of smart water meters

With the continuous maturity of smart water meter technology, smart water meters are becoming more and more professional. In order to meet different needs, smart water meters on the market can be divided into two categories: prepaid water meters and remote water meters, as follows.

1. Smart prepaid water meter: This kind of smart water meter is mainly combined with IC card to realize metering, payment, water control, etc. It is mainly divided into card-type water meter and induction-type water meter. Tonka water meter, etc.

2. Remote water meter: This smart water meter is composed of ordinary water meter + electronic collection system, which can realize data collection and processing, and manage the water meter through the management system. In addition, this kind of water meter is divided into wired water meter and wireless water meter. The common ones are direct reading remote meter, single flow plastic wireless remote meter, wireless water meter and so on.


Second, the use of smart water meters

 The reason why smart water meters can replace traditional water meters is because it has many functions that other water meters do not have. Let me tell you all about it.

1. Remote transmission of water meter data: From this point of view, the smart water meter directly crushes the traditional water meter. With it, there is no need to run around. With the help of the big data system, the water meter usage data can be quickly obtained, and the water consumption can be automatically recorded.

2. Able to monitor water use: Smart water meters can monitor water use in real time, helping you better plan water use to avoid water outages.

3. Water cut-off warning: The smart water meter can also warn the water volume in time. For example, when your water volume reaches the alarm water value, the valve will be turned off to remind you to buy water.

4. Ladder water price: The smart water meter can automatically calculate the water fee of the ladder water price, and can control the water consumption.

5. Online water bill payment: Smart water meters are also in line with people's current consumption habits in terms of water bill payment. They can pay directly through IC cards, which is simpler and more accurate.

3. Features of smart water meters

1. More convenient: Change the traditional meter reading mode, liberate manpower, and check and pay online.

2. More accurate: Using a big data system to collect water consumption can greatly reduce errors.

3. Easier to control: Smart water meters usually have a control and early warning function, which can control water consumption according to commitments.

The above is all about "what is a smart water meter". In fact, smart water meters are developing very fast and have brought us great convenience. Are you using a smart water meter now? Welcome to contact us to comment and exchange~


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