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What kind of smart water meter is the wireless remote LORA water meter?

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At present, in many places, water meters are installed in user rooms or tube wells. Water meter reading is charged on a monthly basis, which brings a lot of trouble to users and troubles to meter reading personnel. It also caused a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the call for outdoor metering of energy consumption meters is getting louder. The traditional meter reading method can no longer meet the development requirements of future residential buildings. So the wireless remote control LORA water meter appeared.


Wireless remote water meters are actually based on dry or wet water meters. A tap water metering device with remote transmission and output metering data is installed. Receive the meter reading command from the wireless meter reading master device to transmit data. The wireless remote water meter consists of a wireless communication module and a base meter. It has the functions of measurement, calculation, storage, diagnosis, wireless remote transmission and so on.

The measurement method of the wireless remote LORA water meter is: use the double reed switch detection method. The errors caused by electromagnetic interference and pulse jitter are effectively avoided. The unique clamshell design on the water dial avoids the problem of being unable to see the dial due to dust accumulation.

The water company only needs to install the wireless remote control smart water meter like a normal water meter. Meter readers only need to operate the background software in the office, copy the city's water meter data and remotely control the valves. The remote meter reading system automatically reads the meter once a day. Master the current and historical data of each household water meter in real time. This remote meter reading method is most suitable for areas where water meters are concentrated.

"Smart city" has always been an intelligent concept we advocate now, and the emergence of the wireless remote LORA water meter will undoubtedly bring us closer to this beautiful era.


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