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What misunderstandings are easy to fall into in the selection of water meters?

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Misunderstanding 1: Choose the diameter of the water meter according to the diameter of the pipe.

It is a very common phenomenon to select the diameter of the water meter according to the diameter of the pipeline. There are many reasons. One important reason is that the design specifications for water supply construction often only stipulate such terms as "the diameter of the pipeline should not be lower than the maximum diameter". The personnel cannot accurately predict the water consumption of the pipeline, and the estimation of the resistance along the pipeline is prone to be too large. In order to avoid design mistakes, the pipeline specifications are often selected too large, or even enlarged by more than two specifications.

The specification of the water meter can be dynamically selected according to the actual consumption of the user. When the water consumption of the user is low, the metering efficiency can be improved and the cost of purchase and installation can be reduced by reducing the diameter of the water meter for the user. , and replace the water meter suitable for the measurement range in time.

Misunderstanding 2: One-sided pursuit of high turndown ratio

With the technical iteration of water meter products, water meters are developing in the direction of wider measurement range and lower measurement lower limit, and new products are emerging one after another. Reasonable selection of the range ratio to avoid falling into the misunderstanding of one-sided pursuit of excessive range ratio, so as to make full use of funds.

Selection of DMA partitioned water meters

The leakage of water supply network is a common problem in the water supply industry, and effective measures must be taken to control it. The most commonly used DMA partition meter selection in leakage control must meet the needs of both function and performance.

Requirement 1: Wide range ratio The DMA observation meter must have the function of observing the minimum flow rate at night, so the requirements for the range ratio are relatively high;

Requirement 2: Bidirectional metering function to determine whether the interior of the DMA partition is determined to be an independent closed area, requiring bidirectional metering function;

Requirement 3: It has the function of remote transmission, the amount of remote transmission data is sufficient, and the frequency of remote transmission meets the requirements of observing low flow at night; DMA partition is reliable for low traffic data at night.


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